We are an amalgamated corporation engaging in the production and exporting for about 15 years, Our main products include Christmas light, decorative light, home light, LED Lamp, garden solar light and so on, we have extensive experience in export these above items and other Housewear & Furnishings items.

    We have developed multi excellent supply sources in China and keep very good sales in Europe,Asia,North and South America,Australia,and all other countries.

    In line with the tenet of “Quality First”, according to customers’ requirements, we focus on procuts quality control and meantime we develop new products. we have professional certificates for products as CE/GS/UL/CAL/SAA/RoHS/REACH for our customers.

    Also we have the complete process for export logistics,to arrange the containers devliery in a very convenient way.save our cutomer’s time.

    We are happy to meet all the friends from all of the world!

    When you leave a message or inquire about any of our products, you will get feedback within 24 hours and arrange samples immediately.

    Thank you for your kindly attention!

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R&D and Design


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" We make the world colorful !" ——INTERLECOM


In order to protect our environment, we need to reduce our carbon footprint.Carbon footprint leads to deterioration of environmental…




The INTERLECOM quality management system covers supplier quality verification, IQC, process inspection, OQC and pre delivery finished…


For samples. It usually takes 10-15 days to make customized samples according to different designs. We can also provide free samples…




We have reached cooperation with UPS/FEDEX/TNT/DHL and other major logistics companies…

Design Team

    We have a highly efficient team with rich experience, professional focus, good at fighting hard battles and able to fight big battles. We have senior engineers in related majors, some of whom are good at lighting material research, some are good at style design, and some are good at product programming. They are the technical core of the company, and each of them is very talented. From the beginning of the company to the present, our design team has become more and more experienced and powerful, and we have developed more and more products.

    First, you can visit our product catalog. No matter which segment you plan to target, we have the right customization and wholesale to meet their (and your) needs. In addition, we offer a wide range of customization options. Therefore, you can customize your products according to your business goals at any time.

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