We have reached cooperation with

UPS/FEDEX/TNT/DHL and other major logistics companies… It is cheaper than your own order. In addition, if your quantity is large and you need to ship, we will provide services throughout the process. We have negotiated a price suitable for you with the shipping company.

At present, the sea freight volume accounts for more than 80% of the total international cargo transport volume. Our company mostly uses sea transportation, followed by air transportation.

Container ships loading at Europoort tweede maasvlakte harbor

Ocean transportation

Ocean transportation has a large carrying capacity and can use natural channels extending in all directions. Unlike trains and cars, it is limited by tracks and roads. Moreover, its transport capacity is far greater than that of railway transport vehicles.

From the perspective of economies of scale, because of the large volume and long voyage, the transportation cost allocated to each cargo ton is small, so the freight rate is relatively low.

Air transportation

Air transportation can be used as an alternative transportation mode because of its high cost. It provides the fastest service, with low packaging requirements, but limited in size and weight.

Due to the short transportation time and low insurance cost, it is generally used to transport fragile articles and valuables. If you choose our handicrafts, air transportation is also a method.