In today’s highly competitive lighting market, all customers want to establish their own brand image. INTERLECOM can provide customized services for all customers. We fully understand your market trends, including competitor information. If you can provide customers with fashionable product styles, your chances of success will be greater. Customization is a service that our company can provide, and customized products will also be favored by more consumers.


    If you have more ideas about your design, any style, logo, quantity and material, please let us know. Our experienced staff can provide useful suggestions and opinions to improve your design. You can email us the design, so that our engineers and R&D departments will make samples accordingly. We will recommend relevant materials and other information for your new series. We will make your dream come true.


    Choose your favorite products from the tree lights, light strings, gift lights, etc. that create romantic atmosphere and are practical and beautiful, as well as the new styles that our design team regularly releases; Pay close attention to our product catalog for your latest selection.

    Cooperate with us, as an active manufacturer of lamps of your own brand series, this will be the best decision you make! Therefore, if you only consider launching your own private brand all the time, now is the time for your business dream to take shape. Contact us to communicate your requirements, and we will be happy to help you.

Working on logo design


Choose Your Material

The glass lamp has the advantages of good light transmission, high temperature, no gas, no yellowing, weather resistance, high light transmission, etc. A variety of coloring processes can be selected. Suitable for indoor decoration and lighting.
The wood lighting is closer to the simple and natural life. It perfectly combines comfort with environmental protection, and brings a modern home style with pastoral style. It can also carve out a quiet land in the home and get close contact with nature.
PC lamps are light in weight (less dense than glass) and not fragile (less damaged). Some PC raw materials are basically color stable for 5-10 years. They have various colors, strong aging resistance and weather resistance (strong wind, ice and snow impact resistance) and long service life.
Excellent optical properties and good transparency, unmatched transparency of other plastics, excellent weather resistance. Even if they are exposed to outdoor environment for a long time, their optical and mechanical properties have almost no attenuation.
Metal has good thermal conductivity, which is conducive to heat dissipation of lamps and is beneficial to the service life of LED lamps. Metal lamps are more wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, with better taste and quality, giving people a sense of luxury.



    When you design it, we can find the perfect process and technology to achieve it. Make your logo appear not only within your budget, but also beyond your expectations. You just need to send your artwork, then confirm the size and position of the logo in the clothes, and confirm the type of logo.

Process of creation



Transfer Printing logo

Laser printing logo

Speckle Printing

Wood Grain Printing




Our tags help show off your brand in an easy to view form. Designer tags increase your brand’s visibility while creatively presenting the appeal of your product line. Develop your marketing identity through our tags.

Color Box

Color box packaging can not only better beautify the product and meet the customer’s purchase needs, but also protect people from being hurt, and make your transportation more convenient.

Plastic bag packaging

Our PC bag can safely store and protect products. Our bags help to increase the protective layer while minimizing friction and damage around the product. We provide designer logo on each package to increase brand appeal.

Outer carton

Customized packing box to resist harsh conditions during transportation. Put your brand on the box easily, and our designers can make our box a part of your marketing strategy.




Just provide us with your design, including size, material, function, color and other specifications. In principle, we will quote on the same day according to the customer’s inquiry content and the company’s quotation (except for special configurations).

We will communicate back and forth online via email. Even if we do not provide your design to us, our team can help you find your needs. Tell us the type of lamp you want, or provide some effects you want the lamp to show.



If you require, we will send samples according to the lamp products you inquired about. Generally, the sample completion time is about 10-15 days. It is our core task to deliver the samples to you as soon as possible.

If you have room for improvement on the final sample, we can make other changes before mass production. Enjoy our free services to reduce your start-up costs.


Confirm Order

When you are satisfied with the final sample, it is the order confirmation stage. After the products in the order are confirmed, we will sign a special contract with you and agree on the final delivery date, as well as determine the shipping company.

Then the main part is on us.


Factory production

After confirming the order, we will carry out internal batch production according to your customized products.

INTERLECOM’s efficiency in producing customized products is based on our advanced equipment and annual production capacity. Within 30 to 60 days, we can deliver a large number of orders, and your customized products will be in good condition.



When the shipment date is approaching, we will send inspectors or inspectors from a third-party inspection company to the factory to inspect the goods, check for you before shipment, avoid delay in delivery and product defects in a timely manner, and take emergency and remedial measures at the first time to reduce the risk of shipment.



After calculating the completion date of the goods, we will first sign the SO to confirm your cargo agent, shipping method, port, cargo details, etc; Basically, we ship by sea container, or we can compete with other manufacturers.

After the shipment starts, you just need to wait for the arrival of the goods.



Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been engaged in the lighting industry?
We are a comprehensive company with 15 years of production and export experience. Our main products include Christmas lights, decorative lights, home lights, LED lights, garden solar lights, etc. We have rich experience in exporting the above products and other household goods.
Where is your main market?
Mainly in the European and American markets, Asia, Oceania and Africa will also sell them.
What's your annual sales?
If I place an order with you, what is the delivery time of the factory?
It takes about 30-60 days.
What are your main requirements for our services?
We can not only help customers make samples and conduct multiple inspections in the production process, but also ensure the normal shipment of goods.