For samples. It usually takes 10-15

days to make customized samples according to different designs. We can also provide free samples, you only need to pay the freight. The samples will be sent by international express, which takes about 3-6 days.

For products with proofing requirements, our relevant departments will indicate the nature and quantity of samples at different stages of proofing (original samples, initial samples, confirmed samples and bulk samples); Confirm the requirements (materials, equipment) and processing difficulties in the proofing process; After the proofing is ready, we will follow up the progress of the proofing at any time, and our Quality Department will formulate the inspection basis for IQC, IPQC and OQC according to your requirements when the samples come out; After that, we will carry out sample testing according to the basis. After the sample test is qualified, our business will send the sample to the customer, and you will also attach the corresponding data for your reference.

Bulb resistance testing in the laboratory

Reference sample

Reference sample refers to the sample provided by the Seller to the Buyer for negotiation only. The nature of the reference sample is different from that of the transaction sample, so it will not be used as a formal inspection basis. The samples sent to the buyer are only for reference in terms of quality, style, structure, process, etc., to create conditions for reaching a consensus on one aspect of the product.

Benefits or functions of samples

  • It is the representative of product quality;
  • It is the basis of pricing;
  • It is the basis of delivery and claim;It is the representative of the production enterprise image.
  • The sample reflects the quality requirements of the whole batch of goods, which is representative. Our company must deliver goods according to the sample requirements specified in the contract.