INTERLECOM quality management

system covers the supplier’s quality verification, IQC, process inspection, OQC and the comprehensive inspection of finished products before delivery, which means that all lamps in our factory must pass at least 5 tests before arriving at your store, warehouse and customers.

The operation of our system should be comprehensive and effective, which can not only meet the requirements of our internal quality management, but also meet the contract requirements with customers, and also meet the requirements of second party identification, third-party certification and registration. In addition, in case of unexpected situations, we can also take appropriate preventive measures to prevent the occurrence of important quality problems.

High Quality

IQC Responsibilities

1. Inspect raw materials in strict accordance with inspection standards
2. Fill in the inspection record form truthfully
3. Maintenance of testing equipment
4. Reporting of raw material exceptions
5. Identification of raw materials
6. Be responsible for signing and receiving the inspection report of warehouse materialman
7. For the material quality problems complained by the production line, re check the materials in the warehouse

OQC Responsibilities

1. Carry out finished products and delivery inspection according to inspection standards, samples, drawings or standards required by customers, and be responsible for the warehousing quality of finished products and the quality of products delivered;
2. If reliability testing is required according to customer requirements or product needs, samples shall be taken according to the sampling standard and submitted to the testing department for testing, and the inspection results shall be followed up……