to protect our environment,

we need to reduce our carbon footprint. Carbon footprint leads to deterioration of environmental and biological health. Now is the time for us all to act like responsible citizens on this planet.

Now people’s awareness of energy conservation is becoming stronger and stronger. Environmental protection is increasingly important for healthy family life and everyone’s pursuit of quality of life. We are also committed to continuously helping customers reduce their carbon footprint. Therefore, we have added environmental protection projects to our original lamp products. It is also a wise move to choose energy-saving lamps. They not only reduce our electricity bills, but also contribute to low-carbon environmental protection.

In lamp products, no matter whether the light source is traditional incandescent bulb, fluorescent light source or LED light source, CCC certification has been required since 2002, and GB7000 standard has been used as the test basis. We are sure to reassure you in terms of inspection and certificate. We have always done this!

Advantages of LED lamp I

·Energy saving, LED lamp consumes 25% of energy saving lamp;The service life of LED lamp is much higher than that of energy-saving lamp;

· Mercury is a necessary material for energy-saving lamps to emit light. If the service life of energy-saving lamps is too long, the sealing property will be reduced, and mercury will volatilize into the air. LED lamps do not contain mercury and other toxic components, and can be reused.

Advantages of LED lamp II

·Heat dissipation: energy-saving lamp has good heat dissipation, while LED lamp has poor heat dissipation and fast heat dissipation;

·Shockproof, energy-saving lamps will be affected by the voltage. If the switch is activated repeatedly, the service life of energy-saving lamps will be greatly reduced, while the shockproof performance of LED lamps is far superior to energy-saving lamps.