Christmasworld Frankfurt 2018

Exhibition time: January 26-30, 2018

Venue: Frankfurt International Exhibition Center

Exhibition cycle: once a year

Exhibits: ceramic pro

ducts, glass handicrafts, resin products, wood products; Christmas/seasonal products, Christmas lights, Christmas trees and accessories, Christmas tree decorations, etc; Festival

accessories – ribbons/bows, garlands, various festival accessories, etc; Candles – candles, candlesticks, candle accessories; Floriculture – dried flowers/leaves, dried fruits, various flower vessels, artificial flowers/leaves, basic materials for flower production; Shop and display – Christmas or festival decorations, shop display and display equipment; Pyrotechnic products – format fireworks, etc; Carnival commodities – hats and wigs, carnival costumes, cosmetics, cloth accessories, etc; Banquet and festival commodities – facial washing utensils, wrapping paper, 5-color shredded paper, dance supplies, etc.

Exhibition introduction: Christmas Gift Fair in Frankfurt, Germany is an influential international exhibition in this field. Christmasworld 2017 has attracted 43233 professional visitors and 1003 exhibitors. The net exhibition area of this exhibition is 49000 * square meters, and the scene atmosphere is very active. More than 95% of the visitors and about 70% of the exhibitors believe that the trip to the exhibition has fully met their expectations, Very satisfied with the effect of the exhibition The turnover of Christmas lights, Christmas gifts and decorations, candles, ceramics and other products exhibited by Chinese enterprises was good. Most exhibitors were satisfied with the results of the exhibition and expressed their willingness to continue to participate. The exhibition was also considered as one of the European gift exhibitions with good results.

    Christmasworld Germany (January 26, 2018) was held in Frankfurt as scheduled. Our company INTERLECOM has more than 10 years of exhibition experience, has long-term stable factories and partners in Chinese cities, and has displayed a wide variety of products. Our staff at the exhibition gathered practical wisdom and information application explanations, attracting countless exhibitors to stop at our booth, Let more exhibitors know more about our products. The sudden color and advantages of the exhibits were vividly displayed under the excellent speeches and demonstrations of our staff. After the professional audience and exhibitors in the venue had a certain understanding of the products, they all showed their intention of cooperation behind them.